Hack Success By Building Systems

In 2019, the fitness tracking app Strava documented and studied over 800 million user activities and found that most people quit their New Year’s fitness resolutions by January 19th. January 19th has thus been dubbed “quitters day.” In an article for inc.com, Marcel Schwantes writes that 91% of us won’t achieve our New Years resolutions.Continue reading “Hack Success By Building Systems”

YouTube Tuesday

Every week I share five YouTube videos with my team at work. Content ranges from self improvement, health, communication, business, science, philosophy, or anything else that can spark an interesting conversation. Each Tuesday, I share my favorite video from the past week in the hope that it will make you stop and think. Let’s allContinue reading “YouTube Tuesday”

5 Questions I Always Ask In An Interview

When interviewing potential employees I want to get much deeper than previous job experience and strengths and weaknesses. Over the past five years I have constantly modified the questions I ask and also how I ask them. Listening to Tim Ferriss discuss interview questions for his podcast has helped me better design questions to elicitContinue reading “5 Questions I Always Ask In An Interview”

Moral Licensing: When Doing Good Leads To Doing Bad

Have you ever eaten a bunch of ice cream and said it’s okay because you worked out that day? Or have you ever been rude to someone and justified it by thinking that you are actually a good person? I just listened to the first episode of the podcast Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell inContinue reading “Moral Licensing: When Doing Good Leads To Doing Bad”

Why Rethinking Is A Superpower

When was the last time you seriously rethought something? Not what to wear to your friend’s dinner party or how to arrange your vegetable drawer, but big things. Things like your religion, or lack of religion. Things like whether or not your career path lines up with your life goals. Things like whether your partnerContinue reading “Why Rethinking Is A Superpower”

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The Environment of Improvement: People

I try to read equal amounts of fiction and non-fiction. Usually, I end up tipping the scales more in the non-fiction direction because I love learning from real world experiences. But fiction can provide equally important lessons. In the New York Times best selling novel Euphoria by Lily King, one such moment made me reflectContinue reading “The Environment of Improvement: People”


How often do you put off important tasks? We all know the dangers of procrastination; doing something, or nothing, to put off doing an important task. But potentially even more dangerous than procrastination is precrastination. I first heard this term reading the book Start Now, Get Perfect Later by Rob Moore. Moore describes precrastination asContinue reading “Precrastination”

Self-Growth Comes From Self-Love

Some of the greatest lessons I have learned from books came out of fantasy novels. Call me a nerd, but if you read Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings and didn’t come away with a new understanding of life I think you are missing out. One of these fantasy novel lessons was so profoundContinue reading “Self-Growth Comes From Self-Love”

10 Ways To Give Yourself An Advantage In Succeeding

No matter how smart you are, how fast you are, or how skilled you are, there is someone out there who is smarter, faster, and more skilled. This is no reason to despair. Great things are often done by people who are in the right place at the right time and have enough passion toContinue reading “10 Ways To Give Yourself An Advantage In Succeeding”

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The 3 S’s For Daily Success

I am always looking for tips, tricks, and methods to get better. Ways to continuously improve as a person. To become smarter, more intentional, and be a high performer without stressing out. Hailing from the Japanese lean manufacturing philosophy, 5-S’ing is a powerful daily practice that can be implemented at home, at work, and withinContinue reading “The 3 S’s For Daily Success”