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You Don’t Design Your Environment, Your Environment Designs You

What is the first thing you see when you walk into a Whole Foods grocery store? It is usually a huge display of flowers. Your first impression of the store is freshness, color, and delicious smells. This sets the tone for your entire shopping experience. The flowers flip a switch in our brain that tellsContinue reading “You Don’t Design Your Environment, Your Environment Designs You”


How often do you put off important tasks? We all know the dangers of procrastination; doing something, or nothing, to put off doing an important task. But potentially even more dangerous than procrastination is precrastination. I first heard this term reading the book Start Now, Get Perfect Later by Rob Moore. Moore describes precrastination asContinue reading “Precrastination”


Normally I am not a fan of acronyms. By themselves they mean nothing. SMART goals? Sounds like the slogan of a self proclaimed self-help guru giving talks in a dirty hotel conference room. However, digging down into the meaning of SMART goals made me re-think the entire process of goal setting. So, while the acronymContinue reading “SMART Goals”


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