How To Be An Interesting Person

Every week I share five YouTube videos with my team at work. Content ranges from self improvement, health, communication, business, science, philosophy, or anything else that can spark an interesting conversation. Each Tuesday, I post my favorite video from the past week in the hope that it will make you stop and think. Let’s all keep learning and growing together.

I came across How To Be An Interesting Person this week and love the message. The video says “Everyone is interesting. So-called interesting people are simply those who’ve allowed themselves to listen in on and share with others a selection of what is really going through their minds.” Interesting people are authentic; they are themselves. Interesting people are not the ones who memorize facts, keep up on the latest news, or travel so they can look and sound exciting. Instead of doing things you think are interesting to others, do things that are interesting to you. It turns out, that just being yourself might be the most interesting thing you can do.


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