The Art of Listening.

Every week I share five YouTube videos with my team at work. Content ranges from self improvement, health, communication, business, science, philosophy, or anything else that can spark an interesting conversation. Each Tuesday, I post my favorite video from the past week in the hope that it will make you stop and think. Let’s all keep learning and growing together.

The Art of Listening by Simon Sinek is a my favorite video from the past week. “The art of listening is creating an environment where the other person feels heard,” says Sinek. In a world focused on output, let’s focus on input. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and the whole time you’re just thinking about the next thing you’re going to say? Which is to mean you were not actually listening to the other person at all and were simply waiting to say what you already knew you would say. Why do we call them peace talks and not peace listens? Maybe alongside public speaking we should study public listening. Sinek shares some great insights into what it means to be a truly great listener. I hope you enjoy!


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