Jocko Willink Calls Out “Over-Reacting” and The Behavior That Spreads Hysteria – YouTube Tuesday

Every week I share five YouTube videos with my team at work. Content ranges from self improvement, health, communication, business, science, philosophy, or anything else that can spark an interesting conversation. Each Tuesday, I post my favorite video from the past week in the hope that it will make you stop and think. Let’s all keep learning and growing together.

My favorite video this week is Jocko Willink Calls Out “Over-Reacting” and The Behavior That Spreads Hysteria from Jocko Podcast. Decision making is hard. You often don’t have all the information and need to decide what to do based on the little you do have. One sure way to make the process harder is to overreact; get overly emotional, freak out, and start having frantic thoughts. In those situations, it is important to remember one of Jocko’s principals from his book Extreme Ownership – detach. Detach yourself from the situation mentally or physically so that you can attack the problem with a clear head. Freaking out is just going to make things worse.


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